Perfect Time to Send your Perfect Newsletters

Perfect Time to Send your Perfect Newsletter

As an Email Marketing company, your main focus should be on reaching the maximum number of customers; in other words, reaching the maximum number of inboxes. However, many a times when your much thought creative goes unnoticed even after getting into the inbox, it can be highly disappointing because a lot of resource and effort goes behind the campaign. There ...

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Build Trust and Retain Customers

Build Trust and Retain Customers

Trust is the prime factor that bonds any relation similar is the case of email marketing. Most of the time email marketing companies focus on sending maximum mails to the database. First thing which need to get corrected here is, they are not database, they are single subscribers, basically individuals who think before every action. Hence there are certain precautions you ...

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A little more about Shopping Cart Abandonment Campaigns


Ultimate purpose of email campaigns is “Sales”, whether it is trigged mails, or survey mails or newsletter or campaigns the ultimate purpose –ROI. Every creative is developed with efforts to entice customers, email marketing companies go through lot of hiccups to ensure maximum response, they work on subject lines, try new strategies, personalize, analyses customer behavior and take every precaution ...

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Role of Survey Mails in Email Marketing


Email marketing is becoming viral, there is no boundaries that limits email marketing. And hence it’s a must to know the responses of the customers to evaluate the current marketing strategy and to frame a new one. What is Survey Mails? Survey Mails in Email Marketing are send to customers to collect responses or their opinion about the brand and ...

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Use of Pre-headers in Email Marketing


Pre-header are the short texts that follow the subject line when an email is delivered into the inbox. And this is popularly known as Johnson Box. Pre-header are highly relevant and are important as these are the texts part where you can explain or brief customers about the mail content before they actually open the mail. There are number of ...

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Dynamic Content: The Accelerating Tool in Email Marketing


Dynamic content can be called as Real Time content as these are tailor made content to every individual subscribers based on their behavioural pattern. It has the power to bring the deserved ROI from the well thought campaign send to the customers. Or in Short Dynamic Content: The Accelerating Tool in Email Marketing can be defined as: Right Person + ...

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Steps to create Successful Welcome Mailer


Welcome mailer play a crucial role in retaining customer for email marketing companies. You want to know how? It simple it’s the impression on the customer mind that forces them to go for the site again and again. They should feel they are treated well and any malpractice from your side is the end of the customer journey and it ...

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Need for Responsive Email Designs


Being responsive and requisite is a scorching topic of discussion for all email marketing companies; and there are researches going on everywhere to overcome this. Let’s have a close look on the different types of mobile-friendly design that vary in technical expertise needed and production time requirements: Responsive Email Designs: In this set the designs are responsive enough to adapt ...

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Tips to retain customers in Email Marketing


Practicing a few tips to retain customers in Email Marketing can make a huge difference in customer retention. Email marketing companies get panic when they see that they are losing the strength of customer base. Don’t get panic instead start acting. Here are some simple tips to practice and see the difference. Trigger Mails: As we know trigger mails are ...

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Be Responsive to Get Response


Response rate can change from awesome to awful. Thinking how? What if the mails send by email marketing companies are not readable, how can the customers respond to such a mail. With the advent of mobile phones, iPhone, tab and other mobile devices people access more of their internet requirement including mails over mobile devices. Provide customers the mails which ...

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