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Gmail Placement – A classic approach

Gmail Placement A classic approach

We have long been pondering over the Gmail algorithms that sieve the mailers. With the majority of the database in India belonging to this big name, the Gmail tab division has remained a hot topic in Indian Email marketing. In a recent webinar with an engineer from Gmail being a panel member, our Deliverability team was able to get a ... Read More »

Attach emotions to grab more opens


What is the easiest way to snatch attention? Ever seen a drama script? It includes the emotion of the character scribed down in brackets next to the dialogue. Emotions do have a major place in everything, including your Email Marketing Subject lines. Make an emotional move and you get to nail it all right. Well, we all fall into tracks ... Read More »

Gmail INBOX and Email marketing: One look ahead

Gmail INBOX and Email marketing One look ahead

Regarded as the future of Gmail, the INBOX has a few interesting workflows and features that have the vigour to completely alter the way people manage their mails. Tired of updating the Gmail app and website, Google has now gifted their audience a whole new experience. This new add on from Google gets the users organized with their mails and ... Read More »

Strategize your Video Mailers

Strategize your Video Mailers

Lately, there has been hype about using videos in your email marketing programs. This is a growing trend and many industry gurus have diverted their attention to video mailers. But would a single video campaign suit all situations? Or is there a requirement to be selective and creative in deciding the mode of video for each purpose? Have no doubt. ... Read More »

Reaching the Primary tab is easy; if you really want to…

Reaching the Primary tab is easy; if you really want

Sigh!!! We found another way to get the mails into the Gmail Primary tab. This happened when we launched the trial and error mode, which is a must do when seen from an Email marketer’s perspective. To our excitement, it worked wonders when we switched from the usual image and text balanced content. Here is what we tried: Replacing the ... Read More »

Tailored Approaches in Lead Generation

Tailored Approaches in Lead Generation icubes

Lead Generation – a term so easily spilled around the email marketing plot but a one that also has a lot of impediment. All email marketers work towards turning their leads into customers. New leads and customers are all at different levels of the buying process. Some yet researching a better approach, some have too many inputs making it difficult ... Read More »

For the Love of Traveling

For the Love of Traveling icubes

When the Holiday seasons are getting closer and the youth have had their bags packed, what stops the Digital world and email marketers from harnessing the best by giving them all what they look for? Confused? Well, be it India or abroad, the young generation or the Millennial are more focused towards exploring places. To Travel means learning to them. ... Read More »

The future is here

From finger tips to Wrist

If you have any plans of researching on the changing tech-screen sizes, your graph will be more or less a perfect inverted parabola. History has it that the first computer occupied an entire room and that the first mobiles were brick sized. With the passing years, there was a steady decrease in size. But hold on! what about the other ... Read More »

A Healthy Domain for Happy Mailing


Did you know that all domains you shoot out the mailers from do have a reputation among the ISPs? They set in specific protocols to check how well you stick to the best mailing practices lined out by the ESPs, keeping in mind the pit holes drawn by the Internet service providers. Once you fall prey for these baits, the ... Read More »