Saturday , 20 September 2014
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Careless about your Email campaigns?

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Human errors are hard to miss, no matter what field you work in. Some pass by, some cost you, and some are big enough to even light up your way out of the office. In the Email marketing companies in India too, errors can bring out a great rift between the client and his customers. Working on deadlines, under tonnes ... Read More »

The Castle of Reputation

email marketing icubes

Do you belong to the crowd that helps push your brand’s status? Don’t you strive to build an impressive ‘Reputation ‘? Then why not give your mailing domain the same feel good factor? All domains you shoot out the mailers from do have a reputation among the ISPs. They set in specific protocols to check how well you stick to ... Read More »

Mailing Domain Hurdles


Feeling annoyed when ESPs advice you to purchase a new domain? Wondering what big difference it makes? Well, if you require a good inbox placement without hampering your parent domain and its status, a new mailing domain is your only hope. It shields your parent domain and faces all the odds by itself. The troubles you will have to face ... Read More »

Socializing your Mailers


A flower cannot blossom without sunshine. Similar is the case of business and social media today. Social media has become a ‘must have’ in terms of reach and recognition for anything and everything. The catalytic nature of this new media in the growth of a firm or event has become hard to ignore. And like every catalyst, this growth-agent too ... Read More »

Are you Happy with your Open Rates


“You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.”This old English idiom aptly describes the case of open and clicks rate. Email marketers put in tremendous efforts to get the email into inbox, but if it stays ignored like that “weird guy at the office” the campaign has most definitely failed. Sure, directing the mailer away ... Read More »

Expectations met, Open rates elevated


Mailer:     Will I reach the inbox? iCubes:   Oh dear! Yes you will. Mailer:   How can u be so sure about it? What if the ISPs block me? What if they trash me? iCubes:   Relax dear. I have dressed you in the best possible way. No one would reject you. Not even the ISPs. You will have a safe journey. Finding ... Read More »

Simplify to Multiply

Simplify to Multiply' is the finalised header for this week's newsletter icubes

Have you tried swinging a boomerang? Throw it at the right angle, it comes back to you with the same momentum. Will this work with the mailers? Yes! It will… provided you swing it right. Personalized messages will never lose their charm. When aimed at the right audience, the chances of the mailer being clicked on and acted upon climbs ... Read More »

Watch Out for Spam


Inbox placement: the only thing that matters to an email marketer. And boy! We email marketers take a lot of pain to sneak past the dreaded spam box. A campaign that becomes spam is as good as dead. But that’s not the end of woes for an email marketer. The final blow comes if ISP blocks mails altogether. Placement in ... Read More »

Dynamic Content – Influence Clicks and Sales Response


With the internet becoming a huge online superstore, both customers and vendors find themselves in a dilemma. Customers get confused about where to shop next. On the other hand, vendors are vying for the short attention span of their customers. Numerous online stores, a great variety of products and even greater variation in customer profiles. How does one stay relevant ... Read More »

Triggered Messages – The Secret Sauce

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Triggered email marketing is probably one of the most powerful tools in an email marketer’s kitty. Triggered email messages generate a bigger interest from the crowd, as the campaign has a personalized touch to them. As such there are mainly four categories of triggered email marketing which include: External – An event that occurred in the industry typically employed by ... Read More »