Have you Really Paid Attention to your Subject Line!


To get clicks off your email campaign, your content needs to be highly relevant and engaging. That’s where your segmentation strategies and data driven play their part. But have you ever given consideration to your subject lines? When was the last time you ran an A/B split test on your subject lines? How influential are subject lines? Subject lines play ... Read More »

Guest Blog: Monetizing Email Messaging

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Publishing, media, and entertainment companies, and each of the sub-verticals within these industries, have differing publishing models and the major concern for them is; How to more effectively engage audiences and increase revenue? Here are some tips for each industry on how to develop contents that can engage audience and increase revenue. Click to Read: http://blog.lyris.com/differing-publishing-models-face-challenge-monetizing-email-messaging Read More »

Don’t Build Mailing Lists, Build Trust!!


Last few weeks we checked into some vital deliverability strategies that can ensure your campaign don’t die off in the spam folder. Domain reputation and authentication all play their crucial steps in getting you great deliverability. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As there are multiple causes that ruined your deliverability; you cannot stay idle or complacent when ... Read More »

You Shall Not Pass!


Last week we looked into the criticality of your sender reputation in maintaining good deliverability. One of the things we initiate on top priority when you join our team is the authentication of your mailing domain. Authenticating the mailing domain is an essential and necessary step for validating the domain with ISPs and safeguards it from getting the spam tag. ... Read More »

Who’s Responsible for your Deliverability?


When was the last time you checked your sender reputation? Has it been some time? Your campaigns are doomed to exile in the spam folder! Sorry to start off on such a grave note; but if you haven’t cultivated the habit of checking your sender reputation frequently your email marketing is most likely to face annihilation. Deliverability is probably the ... Read More »

Designing Segmentation Strategies That Drive Retention


Hope you’re getting a hang of segmentation. Segmentation is a versatile tool that can enhance your campaigns’ performance and deliver good ROI. Segmentation also helps in extracting good data and clues on campaign performance. Build buyer profile’s based on data captured from email campaigns. Good content always delivers results. It’s important to place your campaigns strategically to get better engagement. ... Read More »

A Little about Segmentation and Ice-Cream!

A-Little-about-Segmentation-and-Ice-Cream-icubes-email marketing

Is there anybody who hates ice-cream? I guess not! In fact, everyone’s got a favorite flavor too. Some might even have a couple a flavors they enjoy and might even be on the lookout for another new flavor to get their taste buds hooked. But, we’ve all got that that one flavor we can always indulge in. Segmentation in email ... Read More »

Segmentation … It’s really that simple!!


Seeking methods to increase your email marketing ROI? Well, a data-driven segmented approach is your safest bet. As one of the more primitive techniques to enhance your email marketing campaigns; segmentation creates an opportunity to shoot tailored campaigns catering to varying audiences. After all it’s the campaign that resonates most with your audience, which drives successful campaigns. Segmentation can be ... Read More »

Integrate for better Engagement


Have you heard a symphony? Many varied instruments perfectly playing in sync to produce a grand and majestic sound. So why not incorporate the same idea into your email marketing campaigns. Integrating your email marketing programs with your social media channels you can improve the reach and potency of your email campaigns. Glued together, these help build a strong wall ... Read More »

Gmail Placement – A classic approach

Gmail Placement A classic approach

We have long been pondering over the Gmail algorithms that sieve the mailers. With the majority of the database in India belonging to this big name, the Gmail tab division has remained a hot topic in Indian Email marketing. In a recent webinar with an engineer from Gmail being a panel member, our Deliverability team was able to get a ... Read More »