How to Optimize the Email Campaign Frequency?


Every email marketer consider sending too many promotional emails into the inbox as priority. But most of the time it ends up in over-doing the things. Sending too many campaigns can be a huge turn off for the email marketers. Continuous practice of the same results in the vanishing of your mail from the customers list. It’s time to adopt ... Read More »

Trigger Mails: A sure shot method to fire up conversion rate


Trigger mails are the core of automated mails, triggered whenever users/subscribers take action on the website or any noticeable change comes in customer behavior like registering for a webinar or event or abandoning items in the cart etc., Trigger mails are greatly helpful to marketers as the mails are send in real time, with timely and personalized content. This grabs ... Read More »

Role of Automation in Email Marketing


Automation of your email marketing programs greatly reduces human intervention and makes it highly robust and capable. Creating mails manually, scheduling and sending them is time consuming perhaps consumes man power as well. Role of automation in email marketing is incredible in solving this. Here are some ways in which you can engage, reengage and accelerate the open, click and ... Read More »

Starring role of customer support in ESP’s


Without any doubt Customer Support in ESP’s is a vital element to consider when choosing an email marketing service provider. Efforts of customer support team are crucial to the successful running of an email campaigns. Acting as intermediates they play a crucial role in developing inbox placement strategies and result oriented performance. What should I expect from my customer support ... Read More »

Still in Search for that Influential Subject line?


Subject lines are the key to generating better open rates,and ever since the inception of email marketing brands have been consistently searching for better ways to form subject lines. Are you still in search for that Influential subject line, to boost your open rates? While screen sizes have started shrinking, so also the attention span of customers have decreased considerably. ... Read More »

Setting Email Preference Centers – Driving Retention with your Email Marketing


Brands love it when people subscribe to their newsletters and help grow their mailing list. This is great for reaching to a bigger and fresher audience, but what about old subscribers. Growing lists is easy enough, retention is another ball game all together. Whether they’ve recently joined your mailing list or have been there for considerable time, retention is driven ... Read More »

Mobile Email Marketing is Key to your Business


The Indian e-commerce market which came to prominence just a few years back is now one of the most growing and bustling markets in the industry. The phenomenal rise can be largely attributed to our growing internet community. Add in the smartphone/tablet crowd, the e-commerce industry couldn’t have sprouted at a better time. This past few months alone has seen ... Read More »

A/B Split Testing Helps Attain Email Marketing Goals


There’s nothing more penetrative across an audience than content that is highly engaging and attractive. Sure each subscriber on your mailing list has their own individualistic style and varying personal tastes, but they’re still human. This means that often they can be categorized into different pools and targeted effectively. One could argue it is this basic element that drives adoption ... Read More »

Your email marketing campaigns can convey stories through GIFs


Using GIFs in your emails are great at livening up your campaigns. GIFs or Graphical Interchange Format are often used to incorporate animations in campaigns. They can be used for wide variety of campaigns both triggered and drip campaigns and regular promotional campaigns. Why use GIFs? GIFs is wonderful to convey relevant content in a short span. Especially useful in ... Read More »