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Confronting the Primary tab factor

Confronting the Primary tab factor

Gmail has always been a big wall with aggressive algorithms on the outposts making it harder for commercial mailersto pass by. But when the walls strengthen, the urge to jump past the wall also increases. Email marketing service providers from around the globe have been constantly trying different methods to understand the Gmail principles. So have we! With the help ... Read More »

How to make your mailers ‘India-ready’

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California during the mid-1800s is synonymous with the Gold Rush. Mining for gold became a rampant business with hundreds of miners toiling day and night in dusty mines looking for treasure. But the miners had a problem upon themselves; there was no durable clothing capable of withstanding the rough and tough conditions of the miner’s lives. Enter Levi Strauss, a ... Read More »

Re-targeting: Enriching customer loyalty

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To try and try until we succeed is a message dumped in to our heads since our childhood. How well does this pile up when trying to improve our email marketing? The practice of resending mails to the non-openers is a much debated topic in the email marketing arena. Targeting the ones’ who did not open the first time could ... Read More »

iCubes helps kart Facebook fans to Mailing list

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We understand your concern All things are difficult before they are easy. Anything that we wait for eagerly seems to take a very long time: like waiting for the telephone to ring, waiting for a letter to come or, from an Email Marketer’s perspective, waiting for your list to grow! The Most wanted ‘List’ When sorting an Email Marketing campaign’s ... Read More »

Plain Text Mailers – Revival of the ‘word’ power

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We have news for you! Plain text emails are still alive… Since a very long time, heated debates about plain text mailers and HTML mailers have remained way below the lifeline. Be it for reasons of preference or security, when the email client is down and low, people still stick to receiving plain text emails and engage with them. Plain ... Read More »

The Canons of Designing: The Do’s and Don’ts

The Canons of Designing- The Dos and Donts

Devising a brilliant mailer is every Email marketer’s dream. Winning this is what gets them running around in laps. A pleasant mailer with sufficient white space and gleaming elegant words will help grow your open and click rates by a huge margin. How about a few more inputs on making your mailers warmer and picture-perfect? Donning our hat as a ... Read More »

iCubes at ad: tech London, 2014

Ad: Tech London 2014

iCubes is a dedicated Email Marketing Agency that assists organizations with their email marketing requirements. Its services mainly include Email campaign management, lead generation, Email marketing consulting, trainings & workshops. iCubes empowers you to connect with customers and achieve true ROI, with the award winning in-the-cloud Email Marketing Solutions and supported by experts having a global exposure into Email Marketing. ... Read More »

The Capital call – Gmail delivery guidelines

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Deliverability is a factor that rings a big-ben-bell on every Email marketer. Alarming and often disheartening, this factor reaches its peak when Gmail comes into the plot. Delivering messages to Gmail is a big boy’s play. But hold it! Considering a few factors on priority can help you several folds with your Gmail delivery. If the words like Domain, IP ... Read More »

A/B Split Test – The One test to Succeed in your Campaigns


Behavioral targeting is a tremendous supportive element when pointed out from an Email marketer’s point of view. A golden route to reach out for the engagement rate that you have always wanted. Working on the various possible side tracks to unveil the secret of pointillism in Email Marketing, we have reached a single point that we affectionately call the A/B ... Read More »

Careless about your Email campaigns?

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Human errors are hard to miss, no matter what field you work in. Some pass by, some cost you, and some are big enough to even light up your way out of the office. In the Email marketing companies in India too, errors can bring out a great rift between the client and his customers. Working on deadlines, under tonnes ... Read More »