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Guest Blog: Email Marketing Pain Points for Publishers

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  Penning down the importance of knowledge sharing, we welcome our technology partner and email marketing expert, Lyris into the iCubes blog community. Lyris is a global leader in digital marketing and have been in the field for over 20 years.  Commencing from today, we will be sharing links to few of their blogs in the coming months. Explore more ... Read More »

GOSF – The absolute shopping festival


Hurray! Hurray! Its’ Happy Shopping time… Read this? Wait… Sing it the way Boney M would have sung their pop track ‘Its’ a Holiday’. Not just to have the buzz but it is THE TIME to go high on shopping. Yes! You got it right. GOSF is on the run. Millions of products spread over hundreds of shopping sites. And ... Read More »

Responsive Design – One site for every screen

Responsive Design - One site for every screen

Responsive design – words that launched a hundred tweaks in mailer coding around the globe. The debate on the context of the word continues, while the words themselves have worked its way into the email marketing dictionary. As the days pass by, the number of platforms or devices and browsers that has to work with your website grows. Thus, a ... Read More »

Experiencing bounced email ids

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Remember a line from the old Christmas carol Santa Claus is coming to town? “He’s making a list and checking it twice”. Well what about you? Self-assured about your huge newsletter subscriber list? That’s great! Or is it? Are you experiencing bounced email-ids or are your mails always heading to the junk folder? If far too many of your emails ... Read More »

Confronting the Primary tab factor

Confronting the Primary tab factor

Gmail has always been a big wall with aggressive algorithms on the outposts making it harder for commercial mailersto pass by. But when the walls strengthen, the urge to jump past the wall also increases. Email marketing service providers from around the globe have been constantly trying different methods to understand the Gmail principles. So have we! With the help ... Read More »

How to make your mailers ‘India-ready’

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California during the mid-1800s is synonymous with the Gold Rush. Mining for gold became a rampant business with hundreds of miners toiling day and night in dusty mines looking for treasure. But the miners had a problem upon themselves; there was no durable clothing capable of withstanding the rough and tough conditions of the miner’s lives. Enter Levi Strauss, a ... Read More »

Re-targeting: Enriching customer loyalty

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To try and try until we succeed is a message dumped in to our heads since our childhood. How well does this pile up when trying to improve our email marketing? The practice of resending mails to the non-openers is a much debated topic in the email marketing arena. Targeting the ones’ who did not open the first time could ... Read More »

iCubes helps kart Facebook fans to Mailing list

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We understand your concern All things are difficult before they are easy. Anything that we wait for eagerly seems to take a very long time: like waiting for the telephone to ring, waiting for a letter to come or, from an Email Marketer’s perspective, waiting for your list to grow! The Most wanted ‘List’ When sorting an Email Marketing campaign’s ... Read More »

Plain Text Mailers – Revival of the ‘word’ power

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We have news for you! Plain text emails are still alive… Since a very long time, heated debates about plain text mailers and HTML mailers have remained way below the lifeline. Be it for reasons of preference or security, when the email client is down and low, people still stick to receiving plain text emails and engage with them. Plain ... Read More »

The Canons of Designing: The Do’s and Don’ts

The Canons of Designing- The Dos and Donts

Devising a brilliant mailer is every Email marketer’s dream. Winning this is what gets them running around in laps. A pleasant mailer with sufficient white space and gleaming elegant words will help grow your open and click rates by a huge margin. How about a few more inputs on making your mailers warmer and picture-perfect? Donning our hat as a ... Read More »